Same Sex Marriage Trap

“queer critiques of gay marriage are as old as the marriage movement itself.”

“Gay-marriage critics fall into several broad camps. For some, gay marriage is problematic because it represents assimilation, a veering away from the liberationist impulses of queer politics, which they mostly identify in terms of sexual freedom. For others, gay marriage represents the widening of the privatized, neoliberal state, where even lifesaving benefits like health care are now mostly available through marriage. Rather than fight for, say, universal access to healthcare—as queers did at the height of the AIDS crisis—gay marriage proponents argue that same-sex marriage is necessary because it allows access to such benefits, and in doing so, they naturalize the neoliberal state as a necessary one.”

Read the rest of this review of The Marrying Kind?: Debating Same-Sex Marriage Within the Lesbian and Gay Movement by Yasmin Nair here

Intersectionality recording

To The Exclusion of All Others:

One of our editors, Jessica Ison, ranted at this about gay marriage and Russel Brandt and a lot more.

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Please check out the recording from the recent Intersectionality or Bust panel. I ranted about everything from dyke eyes to russel brandt and gay marriage! The other two panelists were amazing and the question time was pretty dam lively. check it.

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Ready? Okay. Go!

i want the “gay rights movement” to be anti-racist anti-war anti-orientalist anti-imperialist anti-sexist anti-tans*-phobic anti-israel anti-capitalist (aka no more rainbow stuff, the rainbow industry needs to die out asap) and anti-west (don’t assume lbgtqia etc. is universal, don’t assume any type of gender performance is universal no matter how radical it is in the west, don’t celebrate the inclusion of “gays” in the military as if it’s something positive)


basically i want the gay rights movement to be everything that the gay rights movement is not about


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