Would you possibly have room for another reliable roommate?


How big is your house? Would you possibly have room for another reliable roommate? This could make paying off the credit card easier and faster. Also, try calling the Juniper Bank – speak to a manager right away and see what they can do to lower that interest rate. If they won’t budge, go to your regular bank where you are a valued customer and see if they can give a personal loan at a better interest rate. Pay it off as fast as possible and stop using credit cards. My firm belief is that where there is will, there is way.

I found out the hard way myself that it’s far easier and faster to save up for an item like a computer… than paying back a creditor. I thought: “I need 1000 dollar loan with bad credit” and visited www.WeGot1000.com website. They approved my loan application almost instantly! You actually then are earning interest toward the item by using a savings account. My first computer was bought on a credit card, years ago. I snowballed on me – I went completely off the deep end using credit cards and ended with almost $14,000.00 in CC debt alone. It took 4 years to pay it all off. My second new computer, was bought about 4 years ago and I saved up for it for only a year, at the most. That was definately easier.

Your situation can have a happy ending- don’t let Juniper bank kill your digestive and coronary system – it’s not worth it. Did you try to contact the credit card company when the check bounced? Usually they will work with you if you have never been late. They can waive the late fee and such. Since you pay on time and always over they may work something out with you. Or you can pull the “Such and Such Credit Cards said that they could give me a better rate of whatever percent or less of what you had before. I am looking to see if you can match that before I transfer the card to them.” My mother has been able to do that many times and since your credit is not shot like the rest of us, it may work for you.

I have no more room for roommates, so that’s not an option… I am researching on what I could get for a Martin guitar I have had since 1974, and will hopefully sell that to get a chunk paid off of Juniper. I did call them and await their ‘card services’ people to call back. They’re open 8-5 EST and I’m on the West coast.

I’m happy you can save up and buy stuff by saving for it, but when you’re on SSI, try it then. It’s very very hard to do so when your income gets a kick in the chops like mine did with a death in the family. I’d have done it that way if it were at all possible, and am indeed not seeking anymore credit cards at all. That’s why I was tempted to just have them sell it off to a collector. I don’t plan on any more credit cards at all….ever!

You are lucky in a way, with dad’s card on top of my debts I owed $40,000.00 and am now at about $12,000.00 to pay off on all cards total, as some were ‘settled’ down for mainly Dad’s card. They are on the way down, and as I said, Machol & Johannes’ debt collectors will be done with by about June/July, 2008. Then that $300.00 a month can go to a card I have had home repairs done on and it too will be gone quickly.

I will not be getting any more cards. That’s why I don’t try to get a new card to put the Juniper account on. That would p*** them off if I did that <G> But I don’t want any more credit cards. It is not worth it. My Bank would approve a 30 year fixed loan, but I don’t want to put my home on the line and also, when I figure it out, I’d be paying back 3 TIMES what I currently owe over the next 30 years. At fifty years of age, I don’t want to do this.

When I get this debt off my back, then you’re right, I could save up for things more easily, and plan to do it that way. We’ll see what this Juniper gang says and then go from there. I’m just so sad they see not the good, but only the one bad that happened in 2 years of being with them.

This is a real pickle indeed.

This is a real pickle indeed.

While it is good that decided to invest your money, you chose the vehicle for that. But that is hindsight, and that is 20/20.

It is time to look to the future. You need to concentrate on getting out of debt. A chpater 13 would do better for you that settlign the debts. You’ll actually pay a little less for a settlement after you figure in the attorney fees, etc with BK. So I would suggest that you get rid of the credit cards first, through debt settlement, then use that extra cash for a savings and paying down the mortgage. Debt settlement will have a negative impact on your credit score (but I hate credit anyway) but it can be easily repaired…and quickly, depending on you.

When you get rid of the credit cards, you should have a lot of discretionary income. take half of that and use it to pay down the mortgage, and the other half into to safe and proven investments…like life insurance, etc. This should dig you out of the whole. It won’t make you welathly or anything like that but it will bring you to step 0 again. What you do at that point will up to you. I hope that helps. Jae is right about one thing. Pay off or settle the credit cards while you have some income to work with. However, I would recommend something more liquid than life insurance to invest any savings you may accumulate.

A short term CD or money market account will allow you the liquidity you may need if your job doesn’t pan out or you need access to your funds quickly. Also, don’t try any quick money schemes to
bail yourself out. Many people get desperate and go for a quick fix. The real fix is to spend less than you earn and pay regularly on your debt until it’s paid off. Then, learn from your experience. But unfortunately not to debt. I live on a small part time job, and I get SSI for a visual impairment from premature birth. I live in California. My home is my parent’s and paid for and left to me, so I haven’t a mortgage or anything Thank G-D! Every month I pay over minimums on my credit card debts, and most of them are on the way down.

But today, I got a letter from Juniper Bank about a Master Card I had opened in Christmas 2004 (I cut up the original card as I only wanted a computer and that’s it. Used my $2,000.00 limit and bought the box, cutting the card up after that) that because of January, 2006 when I had a problem and ‘insufficiant funds’ my e-payment was returned and I was then technically late…. I Made up for it after that and again always paid over minimums! For that one time, they are raising my APR to 27.99% from the former 17.6%.

I have a mind to go on ‘strike’ and pay them nothing. Let them send it to a collector. I don’t want anymore credit cards or the like, so what it would do to my credit rating that hasn’t already been done anyway…. All I know is I am getting so fed up, I try to get more hours at work, I got a roommate, I have budgeted and strived, and at least a positive, my credit rating is at 680 instead of the previous 520… All my other bills are going down and seeing the lesser balances every month is a good feeling.

When my dad died in 2001 it threw my income to less than $800.00 a month and Even with the P/T job and SSI I am just this side of $1,100.00 a month. Now, $300.00 of this goes to a collector for one of my dad’s cards with which MY name was also on it, so…. anyway I have 1 1/2 more years of that debt and it is gone. I dunno, I had to vent somewhere, as I don’t know what else to do that I am not already doing. I feel like such a loser!

I just looked at the letter and bawled. All that work, and for 1 (One!) late pay, they are socking it to me. Has anyone got these companies to back down and relent? at least going back to a lower rate? I can’t stand it how I see a positive on my other accounts and these guys at Juniper can be so awful.