Has Anyone Had Their Home Foreclosed?

I am kind of new to the blog and haven’t posted until now. Has anyone in the blog had their home foreclosed and what was the effect it had on your life afterwards? My house may be sold in foreclosure soon.

It sounds kind of rough going right now, to say the least. I don’t fully understand your situation, but if you are about to loose the house then you might want to look at bankruptcy as a solution. This will save the house from the foreclosure. As to your other debts, if you could lets us know a little more of the situation then we may be able to give you more learned solutions. In just about every city on the US there are investors who specialize in buying pre-foreclosure homes. Look in the local newspaper or weekly classifieds paper for those “WE BUY HOUSES!!” ads…then call 5-6 of them. Let them know they are competing to buy your house. As long as what you owe is less than the retail value of your house, you’ll find a cash buyer and avoid the foreclosure.

Unfortunately I think I waited too long. It is supposed to take place on Monday. thanks for the info though. The biggest problem i have is my mortgage. i am catching up on the other bills. I was laid off earlier this year. I got my job back but the number of hours i work varies-previously i hadnt gotten many hours. It seems to be picking up now. I would like to know if anyone in this blog had their home foreclosed and what was it like for them afterward.


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